A4 and A3 Magnetic Map Seconds
A4 and A3 Magnetic Map Seconds
Travelling Australia With Kids

A4 and A3 Magnetic Map Seconds

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Magnetic Maps of Australia Seconds

In the process of printing our maps there were teething problems and rather than waste the maps, we thought we would offer them at a great discount. 

Nothing major, the map is still great and the magnet still is perfect.

However, the print is a little bit LESS sharp with some finer print a little fuzzy on them but you or the kids can still track your trip on it and at a recent expo, people said they could hardly notice - BUT we could and could not sell them as perfect 🤨

See photos - although taken with my camera instead of a professional.

The full price for the perfect A4 maps are $14.95 and the A3 $26.95 - so a bit saving to be had here for a near perfect map.

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