Pure Essential Oils
Pure Essential Oils

Pure Essential Oils

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Our pure essential oils can be used in so many ways and many people are now realising the amazing therapeutic benefits of essential oils. Just the gorgeous aromas alone trigger receptors in the brain and enhance your well being.

I could not live without them any more and use them in so many ways and I have included 10 of my favourites here:

    Pure Essential Oil Choices

    • Begamot - Said to be an antidepressant, it's calming, aids in colds and flu. Lightens depression and nerves by calming and uplifting. Promotes happiness and prosperity.
    • Eucalyptus - One of the most powerful antiseptics. Can remove grease. Great cold and flu fighter. Mosquito deterrent. Said to be a brain cleanser, can help dispel anger and unwanted psychic energies from the home.
    • Frankincense - Used as an anti-inflammatory, antiseptic,can be calming and sedative. Also said to enhance spirituality.
    • Lavender - The most versatile essential oil. It's an antiseptic and it's antibacterial. It can aid in stress relief, help you relax, helps to ease headaches, burns, bruises, colds and flu. May be used on burns, sunburn, boils and insect bites. Also good as an insect repellent.
    • Lemon - A great antiseptic and bactericidal,helps to keep you calm. It can be used in the treatment of boils, chilblains, cellulite, arthritis, high blood pressure, poor circulation. Treat cold and flu systems and is very uplifting.AND I love this... Keeps spiders away!
    • Patchouli - Often used as a perfume. Said to  rekindle desires in relationships!  (woo Hoo!!) Aids with abscesses, acne, athletes foot, bed sores, cracked sore skin and dermatitis. Aphrodisiac. Insect repellent. Beneficial in times of stress.
    • Peppermint - A stimulant and an aphrodisiac! Promotes mental clarity. Can help to overcome negative thoughts. Helps with headache, migraines, aches and pains. Also known to break up congestion. The vapours from it can help breathing. Increases appetite and repells insects.
    • Rosemary - Said to clear the mind, giving strength and power to thoughts. Powerful antiseptic. Can help with asthma, coughs, colds, flu and bronchitis. Helps relieve fatigue and is energising!
    • Sandalwood - Australian - The most expensive of oils BUT is great as an antiseptic, antidepressant, anti-inflammatory. it's calming and sedative. A good skin care - AND for most skin types; acne, eczema, cracked and chapped lips. nausea, insomnia, depression and stress related disorders. So a really good all rounder.
    • Tea Tree - Another very versatile oil. A strong antiseptic. Aids with abscesses, corns, warts and ring worm. Also aids with respiratory infections, coughs. colds and bronchitis.

    Pure essential oils are not recommended during pregnancy.

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