TAWK Family Christmas Gift Pack
Travelling Australia With Kids

TAWK Family Christmas Gift Pack

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Great Christmas gift pack for TAWK Families that are just about to start their adventure or are already enjoying life on the road.

  • 1 x A3 Famous TAWK Magnetic Trip Tracker Map - You can track your trip on the Map. In the van use Blue Tac to keep it on your fridge if it is not magnetic and when you get home display it on your fridge with pride.
  • 2 x Travel Journals - Kids can record their days in the Travel Journal (keeps their teachers happy!) Plus a memory for them for their future (my kids still get theirs out now and again to look back and enjoy their recorded memories of their young lives on the road.
  • 1 x TAWK Quiz Book - The TAWK Quiz Book, which is a great way for the whole family to pass time in the car without their devices OR to play after dinner OR around the campfire.  (We find that kids love being the quiz master - which of course helps practice their reading!)
  • 1 x Pegless clothes line - This has to be one of MY favourite items when camping!  I use mine all the time when camping and strangely enough my kids love to use them too!  Meaning that their bathers don't end up on the floor.  They find the sliding mechanism easy (easier than pegs apparently as they never seem to peg their bathers on them!) and that works for me. More info here.

  • Awning Hooks - pack of 10 - They are sooo handy!  I use them to hold up the Pegless Clothesline (above) and they are fabulous for that.  I also use them to hold up our fairy lights sometimes.  They slide easily into the sail track groove of most caravan and motorhome awnings. More info here.
  • Caravan Awning Tie Down Clips - My husband loves these! The clips simply clip over your awning tube, to help secure and tie-down your awning. 2 hooks per package.  More info here. It's one of those caravan hacks we'd wished we'd have invented!

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