Welcome to the Travelling Australia With Kids Shop

Travelling Australia With Kids (TAWK) brings many challenges, from those long hours in the car and being together 24/7 to finding time to teach the kids AND still actually see Australia!

We have got a few things here to help you on your journey.

  • TAWK Items - Items that include the TAWK Guide to Travelling Australia With Kids and the TAWK Sticker, which of course you will display with pride!
  • Earth TAWK - Natural Products to take with you, including a natural way to keep away those flies and mosquitos, a Restful Children's room spray to aid with a good nights sleep and other great items that we think you will love!

      There is so much here for you and if you can support us and buy something, please do!  It helps to keep the lights on here and enables us to continue to help you. :)  So click around and see if what you like.

      Let us know if you have something else you'd like to see here.