The TAWK Membership Digital Card
The TAWK Membership Digital Card

The TAWK Membership Digital Card

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The TAWK Membership Card is a one off fee and Cheaper than all the other camping savings cards out there.  CLICK HERE to find the list of TAWKer Supporter Parks on board the program

The Benefits of the TAWK membership Card:

  • Two night's free camping* for TAWK Member's Kids
  • One off Payment for the life of the TAWKer Supporter Program - NO renewing - one payment only!
  • For the majority of families it pays for itself in the first stay.
  • No cap on the dollar amount you save.
Please allow 2 - 3 days for the card to arrive as it needs to be personalised and we are not always in the office!  (Sometimes out and about talking about TAWK!)
We said we'd get you cheaper camping and we are!   What do you get?
  • At least 2 Night's FREE camping for the kids* at Participating Camp Spots/Accommodation!
  • 10% or more discount on our ever expanding list of Attractions around the country.
  • 10% or more off of Goods and Services that we think will help you when you TAWKing.
Many of you are already on the road and do not have a postal address, so this is a digital card. You just download to your phone and voila! Show the park you are a TAWK member. (A whole digital card with all the fancy schmancy bits with tracking and all members details was just too expensive to set up, this way we keep the costs down - which as a TAWKer, is what we need)
GRAB your TAWK Card today! By supporting us, we can get parks to support you! #winwin!!
If you need to use it before it is sent to you, please show the park a copy of your receipt as proof of purchase.

Please note: Please look after your TAWK Card as it is for life of the TAWK Program^^. Please download as soon as you receive it. If you lose it, there is a $10.00 fee for a replacement. Thanks for your understanding; it helps to keep the program financially viable.
*Kids are defined by the individual park rules on kids AND some of our TAWK Supporters Parks say they cannot offer this deal in the school holiday or public holiday times BUT let's face it, us TAWKers tend to avoid the busy school holiday periods anyway and obviously, not available in conjunction with other offers - please check on each park as stated on their listing.
^^ Due to the card being digital and for the lifetime of the TAWKer Supporter Program there are no refunds available once purchased - please do not purchase if you do not agree to this.