TAWK Quiz Book for all the Family
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Quiz Book Answers appear on the next page so that you can play with your family if you are reading them.

TAWK Quiz Book for all the Family

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Benefits of the TAWK Quiz Book for ALL the Family to play together

(Also available as an eBook)

Travelling across our great land, sometimes means hours in the car.  Now you can utilise this time and educate the family as you go. A Win Win situation!

  • I wrote this family quiz book with the kids education in mind, in consultation with teachers from my children's school. There are subjects in Maths, Geography, Music, Science, Space, General Knowledge, Animal World, Movies, Spelling/English, Sport and History.
  • I also wanted it to be all inclusive so that all members of the family in the car could take part.
  • With questions for every age group in each subject, it 'evens' the playing field and you really can play against each other.
  • And of course I want it to be FUN!
  • It's available as a hard copy 'real book' or an eBook that you can use on your iPad, Tablet or Smartphone as long as they have an eReader app (most come with one as standard).

"We would like to highly recommend this little beauty!! We are on our last day of our 3 & 1/2 month journey travelling Australia and this book was fantastic to pass the time on our long drives. It's suited our family perfectly. The questions suited all of our four children aged 4, 6, 8 & 10 - although I found mine a little too hard . When we finished the book we started again to see how good our memories were! Great old fashioned fun! Thank you TAWK - Jane H"

"I recommend buying the Quiz Book! Just the best for car trips and it has a mix of easier questions for younger kids and harder ones for older kids and adults. We used ours again on the long weekend. Beats eye spy for car trips every time! Worth every dollar" - Natalie"

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