TAWKer Supporter Listing

TAWKer Supporter Listing

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We are so excited that you would like to become a TAWKer Supporter!

YOU support TAWK Families and they will support you!

You really are helping Australia by making it more affordable to families to travel our amazing country by offering 2 night's FREE camping* for TAWK Member's kids. (Only the kids!!  Not the whole family, so still a full price site fee paid).

The kids get to spend more quality time with their parents and instill in them a passion for travelling their country, which will not doubt lead to them doing the same with their own kids one day.

CHOICE  of a 1 or 3 year listing:

  • $147 for one year
  • $297 for 3 year 

    For that we....

    • Put a feature on your park on the relevant state page on our website
    • Add TAWK  to your listing on the WikiCamps App – exposing your park to hundreds of thousands additional families!
    • List you as a TAWKer Supporter on the popular Free Air Camp App
    • Put your park on our Google map http://bit.ly/2IkAwb5 which we promote regularly across our platforms
    • Include you on our downloadable listing that TAWKers print off or access on their mobile device
    • It also includes a free Social Media Shout Out Announcement about your park joining or being on board our program across our Social Platforms: Facebook and Instagram (over 46000+ followers on FB – as at Feb 2023)
    • The TAWK Supporter Program is promoted regularity across our platforms


    Many parks wish to tap into our large Social Media Audience with Bi-Monthly Posts on our Socials: Either Facebook Page / Group, Instagram /and Stories – it helps to keep your park in TAWKers Minds.  Find out more here.


    • Parks can choose to list school and public holiday exemptions
    • Parks can choose to limit number of kids to 3
    • No minimum nights stay


    Some places have asked for exclusivity in their immediate area – within 50 km radius.  Please request if you would like to be the only TAWK park in your area (if there is not one already), cost is $97 per year.

    Once you have completed your payment we will strive to get your listing up within 48 hours and will send you an email for your listing approval.

    Rates as at February 2023