Travel Journal for the Kids Twin Pack

Travel Journal for the Kids Twin Pack

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Value 2 pack – includes 2 x Travel Journals

Every teacher you will speak to when you tell them you are going to TAWK will say "keep a Journal" and they are right.  It really is the best way for the kids to own and remember their own trip.  Mine still love getting theirs out and reliving their experiences.

The journal is packed with 92 pages to document their daily experiences. Draw, write or attach a photo and document their trip - we always did this at the end of the day, away from school so that it did not seem like a 'school' activity, more something for them to enjoy.

It includes:

  • Handy plastic coated travel checklist that can be used and re-used – again and again.
  • Address Book - to keep in touch with all the kids they will meet.
  • Activity Pages - can always photo copy before they complete to get the most of them again and again.
  • Pages to practice their writing, finding the numbers of the date and drawing pictures about their day…yes even scribbling for the little ones is exciting!