Is digital the way to go?

Everything seems to be digital nowadays and for some of us that like 'real things' in your our hot little hands, it can be an adjustment.  BUT it does mean that you can get things immediately and I like that.

Heads up...I am adjusting!  Yep I thought I was one of those people that said 'Oh I like the feel and smell of a book' but turns out I am not. 

I got a Kindle a few months ago and this girl loves it!  I am converted.  Books now to me seem clunky, cumbersome and frankly I have to wear (find!) my glasses every time I read.  BUT with the kindle I can just make the font bigger.  The kindle is small, it's handy and I love it!  I'm a digital convert.

Soooo this leads me to our Digital Pack (with or without the TAWK Membership Card - just in case you have already got that).  It has the....

  • TAWK Guide - which is the perfect way to start planning your travels.  
  • TAWK Family Quiz Book - an absolute Godsend to pass those hours in the car, enjoy around the campfire or break out after dinner for some family time.
  • TAWK Finance Tracker - Gives you an idea of how much you might need for your trip and then you can track your actual spending once on the road.
  • TAWK Trip Tracker Map - a lovely idea to download and print off so that they kids can track their own trip and draw a line as you go.  As you now have the file you can print as many as you like - especially if they are young and muck up their line the first time.
  • TAWK Membership Card - as mentioned there are two digital packs, one with and one without our fabulous TAWK Membership Card incase you have the card already - saving you heaps on your trip around the country.

All this in an instant.  No waiting, no posting, no problem.  It's taking me a while, but I'm starting to love this digital way of doing things nowadays.  Let's face it...this is the way of the future and we have to embrace it.

If you would still like 'real' products, we have those in Packs too to help you save.

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