The Pegless Clothesline

I have been wanting to stock these for so long as they really are one of my favourite items when we are camping.  For some reason the kids love using them too.  Pegs seem to stump them but this sliding mechanism seems to intrigue them.  Whatever it is, it works for me.  It means that they hang up their wet bathers instead of them festering on the floor after a mere hint of a breeze and their stuff ending up all around the caravan park!

I also love them when you wash your 'smalls' and frankly don't want to hang them for all the park to see!  You can clip these in your annex, in the van and can dry your items in private.

I'd personally recommend grabbing two - not just because you'll get a discount, but I found that I needed two as I loved them and used them so much - mind you I do have 3 kids.

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